Purevision Toric Contact Lenses 6 pack

Bausch & Lomb Contact Lenses
Competitor Price: 69.99

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PureVision Toric

Did you ever think that you couldn’t wear contacts if you have astigmatism? Well think again. Bausch &  Lomb PureVision Toric lenses are uniquely designed to meet the special vision correction needs of people with astigmatism. Now people with astigmatism can see their world with the same breathtaking clarity as other PureVision lens wearers. PureVision Toric lenses use the world’s #1 toric design, delivering clear, stable vision – blink after blink. Purevision Toric contact lenses from Bausch & Lomb offer convenience, comfort, crisp vision and a "fresh lens feeling" all the time.  The PureVision Toric is great for contact lens wearers who need the highest possible level of oxygen transmission.  PureVision Toric lenses are engineered to remain clean and comfortable all day long. Contact Lenses for Less for all of your contact lens needs.



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