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Why do I need a recent prescription for contact lenses? Can't I just order more as needed?
Your doctor has a right and a responsibility to put an expiration date on your contact lens prescription, to insure that you receive regular check-ups to rule out the possibility of long term complications of contact lens wear that you may be unaware of.

How do I get a copy of my contact lens prescription?
Once you have paid a fee for your doctor to fit you with contact lenses, that prescription belongs to you. Most states require your doctor to provide you with a copy. It is against federal law to withhold medical records from patients, and you should remind any doctor who refuses to release this information that this is so.

I just want order lenses to change my eye color. What's the big deal?
Even lenses without correction are medical devices that can cause problems to your eyes, must be obtained with a valid prescription. If you have never worn contact lenses, you need a to be fitted by a doctor and taught how to insert, remove, and disinfect them. If you already wear clear lenses that are available in a tint (i.e. Ciba or Wesley Jessen), than you may substitute with a tint without problem.

I wear gas permeable contacts. Why don't you offer them?
Gas permeable lenses (which are the new generation of "hard lenses") are manufactured by so many different manufacturers, most of whom are very small companies serving a local area, that they are in effect like snow two lenses are alike. For this reason you are always better off obtaining them from your doctor who can modify them if necessary.

What is the difference between Acuvue and Acuvue 2?
Acuvue 2 is easier to handle, due to a slightly thicker design. If you are currently doing well with regular Acuvue, it is not necessarily going to benefit you to switch. In any event, you must see your doctor for these concerns.

What is the difference between a prescription for glasses and one for contacts?
Contact lenses come in various sizes and materials. Each contact lens brand not only fits differently, but often requires a different lens power as well. . Your doctor must fit your eyes correctly, and then establish that you can wear them safely and see properly. Once you have been fit successfully though, you are entitled by law to a copy of that prescription.

Can tinted contacts change brown eyes to blue?
There are two types of tinted contact lenses. Enhancer tints are lenses tinted green, blue, or aqua which highlight a wearers existing color (e.g. Ciba Softcolors and Acuve Colours Enhancers) Opaque tints are designed to change existing eye color, and have an iris actually painted on the lens. (e.g. Freshlook and Acuve Colours Enhancers) They are more expensive than the enhancers as a result.

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