Preference Toric XR

CooperVision Contact Lenses

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With the expanded prescription offerings of Preference Toric XR, more astigmatic patients than ever can enjoy the comfort and convenience of the Preference Toric family. These soft contact lenses are durable, easy to handle, and virtually maintenance-free. They're also an excellent alternative or addition to glasses.

Unlike disposable lenses which can be difficult to handle, Preference Toric XR lenses are designed for easy use. Their unique lens design, durable tetrafilcon A material, and light blue handling tint make Preference Toric XR ideal for active lifestyles.

While tetrafilcon A produces a more durable lens, this deposit-resistant material also promotes greater comfort and healthier eyes. And, because it resists protein and other debris produced from tears, you'll be less likely to develop eye irritations or end-of-day dryness.


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