Biofinity Toric XR 6 pack

CooperVision Contact Lenses

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Biofinity® XR toric lenses are the latest addition to CooperVision’s product portfolio of more than 21 million parameters, which continues to be the broadest, most comprehensive portfolio in the industry. CooperVision first introduced its Biofinity® XR sphere lenses in late 2013, offering patients with severe near- and far-sightedness a combination of high oxygen permeability and all-day comfort. With Biofinity® XR toric, these in-demand benefits are extended to people who have both high prescriptions and astigmatism—typically patients who have had challenges with contact lenses in the past, or may even have thought that contact lens wear was not an option.

“Biofinity® XR toric contact lenses bring the proven comfort, clarity and stable fit* of the Biofinity® brand to people who may otherwise not have the opportunity to experience the benefits of a premium silicone hydrogel lens,” said Jerry Warner, President, North America, CooperVision “With our commitment to developing and manufacturing these unique lenses—in a range unmatched by our competitors—eye care practitioners can fit a greater number of patients in silicone hydrogels, keeping pace with the widespread move to this healthier material.  It is part of our commitment to help improve the way people see each day.”

Biofinity® XR toric incorporates a similar uniform horizontal ISO thickness and optimized ballast band as Biofinity® toric, making it an easy-to-fit, stable toric lens with excellent visual acuity. Its optimized, continuous surface ensures that the eyelid interacts with a smooth lens surface on every blink, resulting in a more comfortable wearing experience*.

Like all Biofinity® lenses, Biofinity® XR toric features Aquaform® Technology, which allows more oxygen to reach the eyes, helping to maintain clear, white eyes and healthier corneal physiology. The lens material is naturally and uniformly wettable, providing a soft and flexible lens.



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