Your Guide to Color Contacts

Color contacts have rapidly gained traction over the past few years, as people are beginning to realize their full potential in enhancing their everyday look. All of this popularity has also brought about a lot of inquiry surrounding the legitimacy of color contacts, how they work, the different types, and which brands we can trust. We know, it’s a lot of information all at once.


To make learning about color contacts as easy as possible, we’ve broken down everything you’ll need to know about these special eye accessories. Once you’re done here, you’ll be more than ready to experiment with your own pair. 


General Color Contact Information

As their name suggests, color contacts are essentially contacts that are designed to change the color or look of your current iris. You can think of them similarly to dyeing your hair, only you can take out these contacts at the end of the night for a not-so-permanent enhancement. Sometimes, switching up your eye color can be the perfect addition to your date-night outfit or work presentation, and they’re perfectly safe, too. 


You may not know this, but color contacts are technically considered medical devices, and therefore, require a prescription from your eye doctor to receive legitimate pairs. Even if you have perfect vision, you want to consult a health professional just to ensure your eyes are suited for such contacts. Once given a prescription, you’re then directed towards a reputable brand with dozens of different colors to choose from.


Some contact lenses are made to continue correcting your eyesight (if necessary), or, you can choose contacts that are simply there for the look of it. Lenses that do not correct your vision are considered Plano or non-prescription contacts—though they still require a prescription to receive. 


If you need a new prescription for your color contacts, you can check out our online vision test. The online vision test allows a doctor licensed in your state to review your results and write you a new prescription, including for color contacts!


When it comes to your eyes’ safety, color contacts are just as safe as regular, non-color ones. However, you always want to do your research on each brand and ensure they align with your needs and beliefs. Make sure to never sleep in your color contacts as this cuts off the oxygen supply to your eyes, potentially causing damage. Just as you would with your regular contacts, you want to remove them before sleeping, swimming, or showering. Make sure your hands are always freshly washed and the contacts are sitting in brand-new contact solution within a clean case. All of these measures ensure a bacteria-free, hydrated contact lens that your eyes will love. 


The Different Types: Enhancing Tint vs. Color Tint

There are various types of color contacts for you to choose from, two of the main being enhancing tint and color tint contacts. 


Enhancement tint contacts are simply utilized as, you guessed it, an enhancement for your current eye color. So, if you like the current color of your eyes but think you could use a bit of intensification, these contacts are the perfect solution. Able to make your original eye color more vibrant and noticeable while still providing a natural appearance, enhancing hint contacts help your confidence soar. Here's an example of how 1-Day Acuvue Define's enhancing tint lenses look:

1-Day Acuvue Define Colors


For a bit of a more drastic change, you can choose to use color tint contacts to get the job done. With these, you can go from blue eyes to brown in a matter of minutes, completely disguising the natural color of your irises. Some contact lens brands make color tints contacts more natural than others, so doing your research into finding the most reliable and well-manufactured brands is crucial. Here's an example of how Air Optix Color's full color tint lenses look:


Ultimately, though, whatever you choose is entirely up to you and what kind of change or enhancement you want to make to your appearance. Just always ask your eye doctor first!


...What About Visibility Tint?

You may have also heard the term “visibility tint” when shopping for contact lenses. Well, these specific contacts do not have any effect on your natural eye at all. Instead, they come with a light blue tint to make them easier to find when taking them out of the case or putting in (or removing from) the eye. Though the name may sound a bit misleading, visibility tint contacts have no connection to color contacts and won't change your eye color. 


Our Favorite Brands for Color Contacts 

There are so many different brands of color contacts for you to choose from; you just have to find the one that gives you and your eyes everything they need. 



Just like your regular contact lenses, you can purchase color contacts that come in dailies, weeklies, or monthlies depending on what works best for your lifestyle. For those most interested in the ease of daily-use contacts and the subtlety of enhancement tint contacts, we highly suggest Acuvue Define. These 1-day contacts are made to either add natural sparkle, shine, and/or shimmer to your original eye color, completely accentuating your beauty in an easy-to-use method. 


For daily contacts that change the color of your eye completely, we suggest DAILIES Color. These daily disposable lenses are more so crafted towards lighter color eyes, offering colors like Pacific Blue, Sea Green, and Caribbean Aqua, they also offer four colors—blue, gray, green, and hazel—that are perfect for everybody. Just don’t forget to throw them out at the end of the day. 

If you prefer biweekly contacts, then Impressions Color Contacts might be the right lens for you. With over 7 color options, Impressions has something for everyone! Right now, Impressions is the only biweekly color contact on the market and is one of the most affordable options too.



Monthly disposable color contacts are also extremely popular, as you don’t have to worry about getting a new pair for 30 days at a time. For those with light eyes looking for just a bit of color enhancement, we highly recommend Freshlook Dimensions. They have three beautiful, subtle color options to choose from, all of which completely enhance the natural look of your eyes. 


For darker-colored eyes as well as lighter, you can rely on Air Optix color-tinted color contacts. This brand offers an impressive 12 different colors to allow for ultimate versatility and a total change of appearance if you so choose. With this brand, they offer two-pack options so you can try out different colors to see which you like the best. 


Try a Pair for Yourself!

As a totally safe (and totally fun) eyewear accessory, what’s stopping you from trying some out for yourself? If color contacts have ever piqued your interest, now’s the time to indulge! Ask your eye doctor about getting a prescription for color contacts for yourself, whether they’re color enhancing or color tint, and give your look a complete transformation every time you wake up in the morning. 


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Luisa Lopez

Thank you for having these information bits on the different brands and colors for each brand. Also the safe and best way to look at getting color contacts for one’s own use.

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