Precision 1 Dailies Review

Precision 1 Dailies

Are you a new contact lens wearer struggling to adapt to your lenses? Or maybe you are a long time contact lens wearer struggling with dry eyes? No matter your needs, Alcon’s Precision 1 Dailies may be just the lens for you! This lens was designed specifically for new contact lens wearers and those who suffer dry eye regularly. On top of the high moisture content, Precision 1 retailers for cheaper than Alcon’s Dailies Total 1.

High Moisture Content

To keep your eyes feeling hydrated throughout the day, Precision 1 Dailies are made with a material that pulls moisture to the lens. This high moisture content means that lenses don’t irritate your tear film when you blink.

Compared to other daily disposable contact lenses, Precision 1 Dailies has the second highest moisture stability on the market, after Alcon’s Dailies Total1. And compared to Dailies Total 1, Precision 1 Dailies are much more affordable.


Precision 1 Dailies comes in only one base curve and diameter. Spherical power ranges from +8.00 to -12.00. This wide range means that most regular contact lens wearers will have an option for them.

Are Precision 1 Dailies available in Toric for Astigmatism?

The toric for astigmatism version of Precision 1 Dailies will launch in the first half of 2021, so keep your eyes peeled for the official announcement!

Are Precision 1 Dailies available in Multifocal for Presbyopia?

Currently Precision 1 Dailies are not available in multifocal for presbyopia.

How much do Precision 1 Dailies cost?

Precision 1 Dailies are available in both a 30-pack and a 90-pack. The 30-packs cost $31.98, while the 90-packs cost $64.86.

Pros and Cons


  • Precision 1 Dailies are designed specifically for new contact lens wearers.
  • High moisture content means these lenses will stay moist all day long.
  • More affordable than Dailies Total 1


  • Only available in spherical, not toric for astigmatism or multifocal for presbyopia
  • While Precision 1 Dailies are cheaper than Dailies Total 1, they are not the cheapest option on the market today

Bottom Line

Whether you are a brand new contact lens wearer, or a long time contact lens wearer struggling with dry eyes, Precision 1 Dailies could be the right lens for you. With their high moisture content and affordable price tag, be sure to discuss Precision 1 Dailies with your eye doctor!


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sleep in dailies?

No, never sleep in dailies! Sleeping in your contacts puts you at significant risk of eye health problems, including blindness.

Can I reuse Precision 1 Contacts?

No, you cannot reuse Precision 1 Dailies. These lenses are only made for a single day of use. Discuss with your doctor if you want a lens you can reuse.

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