MyDay Energys Review

We spend more time on screens than ever before, leading to a dramatic increase in digital eye strain. The new MyDay 1-Day Energys is one of several new products designed to fight digital eye strain.



Digital Eye Strain

Studies show most people spend 9 hours per day staring at screens. You also blink 60% less when staring at a screen, leading to eye strain and dry eyes. If you work on a computer or have ever binge watched your favorite Netflix show, you've probably noticed this digital eye strain. 

Older contact lenses weren't designed to handle all this screen time. Recently, Acuvue introduced it's new Oasys Max 1-Day to help with screentime. CooperVision's new MyDay Energys is their product to help with screentime.

What is DigitalBoost™ technology?

MyDay Energys are made with a special technology called DigitalBoost. These contacts have a special design that helps your eyes adjust more easily when switching between objects near and far. Going between screens and distant objects can cause your eyes to get tired faster, so this new technology is designed to fight that.

What is Aquaform® Technology?

Staring at screens also means you blink less. To help prevent your eyes from getting dried out, MyDay Energys are made with Aquaform technology. These lenses can absorb twice their weight in water, ensuring your eyes stay moist all day long.

What prescriptions is MyDay Energys Available in?

MyDay Energys are available from +8.00 all the way to -12.00. It only comes in one Base Curve and Diameter option.

Is MyDay Energys available in toric or multifocal?

The regular MyDay 1-Day is available in both toric and multifocal, but the Energys version is currently only available in spherical. If this product is successful, CooperVision may release a toric or multifocal version of the Energys in the future.

How much does MyDay Energys cost?

MyDay Energys contain new technology, so they are more expensive than other contact lenses. Their suggested retail price is $149.99, but we currently carry them for $104.98 (with free standard shipping on all orders).

Bottom Line

If you spend a lot of time on screens, you should ask your doctor about MyDay Energys. These are a top selling daily lens that is now designed to fight digital eye strain. They're a great tool, especially when paired with things like bluelight glasses and regularly scheduled breaks from screens. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Biofinity Energys and MyDay Energys?

Both Biofinity Energys and MyDay Energys are made with DigitalBoost technology to help fight digital eye strain. Biofinity Energys is a monthly lens, while MyDay Energys is a daily disposable lens.

Is MyDay the same as MyDay Energys?

MyDay and MyDay Energys are made from the same material (stenfilcon A), but only the MyDay Energys contains the DigitalBoost technology used to fight digital eye strain. 

Can I use my MyDay prescription to buy MyDay Energys?

You can use your MyDay prescription to buy MyDay Energys (and vice versa) since they are the same base material and have the same parameters.

Why is MyDay Energys expensive?

MyDay Energys is a brand new product with innovative technology, which makes it pricier than older contact lenses that have been around for a while. As time goes on and more new products are introduced, MyDay Energys may decrease in price. 


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