Introducing MyDay Multifocal

MyDay 1-Day contacts are one of the top selling mid-tier daily lenses on the market today. This lens is popular because of it's high oxygen permeability, and is now finally available in Multifocal!

Why is MyDay so Popular?

Contact lenses have progressed a lot since the days of hard glass lenses, and MyDay 1-Day is at the forefront of that technological progression. There are three main benefits of the MyDay lens:

Aquaform® Technology

Anyone who has ever worn dry contacts can tell you how uncomfortable it can be. MyDay's Aquaform® Technology locks in moisture and keeps your eyes comfortable all day long.

High Oxygen Permeability

Eyes need oxygen to stay healthy, and MyDay has one of the highest oxygen permeabilities on the market today. In fact, it lets in as much as four times the amount of oxygen as older products like Acuvue Moist.

Built In UV Protection

A lifetime of UV radiation can cause cataracts to form in old age. MyDay has built in UV protection that can help prevent the development of cataracts as you age.

What's special about MyDay Multifocal?

MyDay Multifocal has all the same benefits of the regular MyDay lenses, plus some added new technology to help counteract presbyopia.

As you age, your eyes have trouble focusing on near objects. This can make reading difficult. MyDay Multifocal are built with a unique Binocular Progressive System™. Different parts of the contact lens help you focus on different distances, so no matter where you look your vision will remain clear.

How does MyDay Multifocal Compare to Other Contacts?

In recent years, manufacturers have released several new multifocal contact lenses. Contact lenses aren't one size fits all, so finding the right brand is important. Below we compare MyDay Multifocal with other popular brands. Be sure to discuss these other brands with your doctor, so you can find the perfect brand for you!

MyDay Multifocal vs Dailies Total1 Multifocal

Both MyDay and Dailies Total1 are made from silicon hydrogel materials, which means they both give you super high oxygen transmission. Either of these lenses will stay moist and comfortable all day long.

In the end, the main difference between these two products comes down to price. Dailies Total1 Multifocal is the most expensive Multifocal Daily lens on the market right now. MyDay Multifocal is a little bit more affordable, despite being a newer products. A recent academic study found that most patients prefer MyDay to Dailies Total1, but be sure to talk with your doctor to see which lens works better for you.

MyDay Multifocal vs Acuvue Moist Multifocal

Acuvue Moist is made from a hydrogel material, compared to MyDay's silicon hydrogel material. MyDay let's in almost 4 times as much oxygen as the Acuvue Moist material. However, Acuvue Moist is much cheaper than MyDay because it is an older lens with an older material.

If your eyes are sensitive, then you should consider MyDay even though they are more expensive. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, then Acuvue Moist Multifocal may be the lens for you.

MyDay Multifocal vs BioTrue OneDay Presbyopia

Like Acuvue Moist, BioTrue OneDay is made from a hydrogel material.  MyDay's silicon hydrogel material let's in significantly more oxygen than the BioTrue OneDay material. On the other hand, BioTrue is much cheaper than MyDay due to the older technology.

In the end, if you have sensitive eyes then the MyDay is probably the better choice. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, then BioTrue OneDay may be the lens for you.

When will MyDay Multifocal be available?

Right now, only select doctors have access to this brand new contact lens. If your doctor is one of the lucky ones, you can try this contact today! For the rest of us, this new product will be available in mid 2022.

When it is fully launched, MyDay Multifocal will be available in 90 packs. The manufacturer has suggested retail prices that most doctors follow, but you will be able to find this product cheaper online when it is available. Here is a price comparison chart for you to get the best price possible:

Doctor's Price Our Price
MyDay Multifocal - 90 Pack $144.99  $119.98


Bottom Line

Ultimately, the best lens for you can only be selected with help from your eye doctor. Be sure to discuss all these options with your eye doctor to see if MyDay Multifocal is the best contact lens for you.

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