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Customers love our great deals on contact lenses and often ask us if we sell glasses or can recommend a glasses website. We are happy to partner with Chelsea Optical to get our customers quality glasses at an affordable price!

Why Chelsea Optical?

One of our core values at LensesForLess is affordable pricing (it's even in our name!). We do whatever we can to get you the best deals possible. Chelsea Optical has low prices, and LensesForLess customers can get an extra 20% off with the code L4L20.

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Fast Delivery

We try to get you your contacts as fast as possible at LensesForLess. Most customers receive their orders within 5-7 days, with no extra shipping cost. We wanted to partner with someone who can meet those same standards for glasses. Chelsea Optical has a full service optical lab, so your glasses are made and shipped within 5-7 days. And just like us, Chelsea Optical doesn't charge for shipping.

Virtual Try On

Unlike contact lenses, glasses are a fashion statement. Chelsea Optical offers a virtual try on software so you can make sure the glasses you order fit your face and your style. We love this feature because it lets you try on the glasses from the comfort of your home. If you've ever taken our online vision test, you know how much we love finding convenient services you can use from home!


No matter what style you prefer, Chelsea Optical has you covered! They have over 500 different styles of glasses that fit a variety of face sizes. From classic to modern, they've got it all!

All eyeglass orders come with free premium lenses for either distance or near. There is also an option to get bifocal or progressive lenses for an additional price. If you have a very high prescription, you can also upgrade to thinner lenses.


Sunglasses and contact lenses go together like PB and J, which is why we love that Chelsea Optical has sunglasses too. Want your sunglasses to come with a prescription? Chelsea Optical can handle that as well at no extra cost to you.

Kids Glasses

Chelsea Optical even has several lines of children's glasses for the little ones in your life. They're built sturdier than adult glasses so they can stand up to the wear and tear of childhood play.

Discount Codes

We know our customers love discounts (which is why we have a list of extra discount codes you can use on top of our already low prices). If you purchase your glasses from Chelsea Optical, but sure to use the code L4L20 to get an extra 20% off, and let them know that LensesForLess sent you! We get a referral fee for each customer who purchases from our links or codes, so we appreciate the support you show us when you use those links!

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